27 January 2013

Ostrich Clutch

I have been receiving a lot of wedding invite lately. So I was thinking why not make one since its hard to find affordable clutch that can be wear for an event and at the same time can later be use for outing.  

Clutch is no longer an event piece. Inspired by the DKNY Ostrich Clutch and Lambertson Truex Ostrich Rivington Clutch, I made one of my own look alike ostrich clutch. I must say I'm amaze with the result. 

It's amazing what a hook and a yarn with the right technique can made. Its a little bit softer than the real ostrich clutch but I like it that way better. Perhaps later I'll make one that incorporates with leather and fabric. What do you think I should do next? 

Of course this one is up for sale as well. I would be more happier if more of my design is out on the street and events. Do visit my shop and if you have any suggestion or idea on what I should do next or even any enquiries do leave a comment below or simply contact me.

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