07 February 2013

5-braided necklace

I've seen a lot of DIYs on how they used old t-shirt and turn it into accessories, scarf and more. I try to make a necklace that can be wear during my vacation at the beach later this month. But what concern me is that I don't want the necklace to be just for an occasion, I want to make sure that I am able to use it later on my casual shopping day or even when I'm attending events. 

Material that you need is :
Old t-shirt

Steps :
1) Cut the shirt into five strands. The width is depending on how big you want the necklace to look. I did mine was about 2 cm width. Don't mind about cutting it straight or not. 
 p/s: Pull each strand to ease your way out during braiding. 
2) Sew the end of all five strands of shirt together with appropriate thread color.(only one side was sew , the other side was let loose for the braiding purpose)
3) Place the sew end under a heavy things such as book to make sure that the strands don't move when you braid
4) Start braiding by placing the first strand underneath the 3rd strand.
5) Continue by placing the 5th strand underneath the first strand. Pull the two strands carefully until it reaches the top.
6) Continue steps 4 and 5 until it reaches your desired length. Sew the end once done.
That is all! Isn't that easy? 

As for the string instead of using chains, I use a yellow rope and wrapped it around and glue it on both end of the braided shirt to make the pattern of the shirts stands out and to give it a little bit of summer look. Go give it a try and do share it with me (if you don't mind) through the comments below. Have fun!


  1. Cool idea! I love to design handmade jewelry and bracelet etc

    1. Thank you Emmanuelle. Love some of your jewelry design.

      Que Xx


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