25 November 2013

Lunchbag Clutch

Good morning!

My cousin's wedding coming up soon and I have already tailored made my bridesmaid dress but I'm missing one thing. I don't have a proper bag or clutch to wear it with my dress.

As I was googling around I found this simple yet elegant bag made by Jill Sander. 

I was inspired by it and I decided to make my own lunchbag clutch and it turns out to be just as I imagined it. 

I made it using black PU leather and for the top part it's a cotton checkered pattern. I wanted to make the bag a little vintage feels to it. 

This bag is now available for sale and I wanted to give my followers and loyal customer a chance to have this clutch

Thus, there will be a discount on the clutch. All you have to do is like Simple Five Facebook page and Momento Cafe Facebook page or just dine in at Momento Cafe.

17 August 2013


Summer is here and it always been associated with beach or anything that has to do with outdoor activities.

Unlike other four season country, is sunny here in Malaysia all year through and I thought why not make a headband that suits those activities.
I've come out with a design that incorporates both the in-trend flower headband and the bohemian headband. 
I called it a Tiogirl headband.This headband will be out for sale next week. 
Have a great summer vacation! 

20 July 2013

Mini dinner

Evening bloggers. If you followed my pinterest you'll notice that I have an album on amigurumi and its mainly about food amigurumi.
I am fascinated by these mini food amigurumi that I saw on most Japanese blog. かわいい! 

Thus I made some. Starting with the this mini burger. 

Since its too かわいい ( cute ) to eat I've made it into a key chain instead. This mini food amigurumi is already available on my mini shop at Momento Cafe and my online shop

More of this mini food amigumrumi coming up. Not only that, as I mention before to some of my loyal customers that keeps asking I am now working with leathers to create a new clutch fully design and made by me. Follow my blog, facebook and twitter if you wanted to keep yourself updated. 

17 March 2013

Saturday post

Hello crafters!
I have receive a request asking me to make a panda beanie hat. I have tried making a beanie once and for some reason I would like to give it another try and make one of this beanie hat with my own touch.

What do you think of the final result? Would you buy or would you alter it to your desire design? Do share some of your ideas with me.

As I mentioned in my twitter account, there are two good news that I wanted to share with you.
First : We are opening a so called 'Mini Shop' at Momento Cafe and you could purchase any of the items straight away whenever you're having a meal or drink there.

Second : We are having a promotion this month!!
Make sure you don't miss this one out because we seldom having promotion. It's the first one this year!

Please do read our terms of use before you purchase anything.All handmade item will only be made upon request.